Benefits of Leasing

Which Financial Option is Best For You

Should I Buy or Lease My New Acura in Sarasota, FL?

Here at Gettel Acura, we understand that a new car is a big investment that requires careful consideration. That’s why we’ve put together a straightforward chart that gives a clear overview of the pros and cons of buying and leasing. Once you’ve decided which route you’d like to take, we can help you find the new or pre-owned model of your dreams. Jump-start the process by getting pre-approved through our online form and utilizing our handy payment calculator to receive an accurate estimate of how much your future monthly payments may be. Once you’re equipped with your monthly budget and spending power, you’ll be more prepared than ever to step confidently into our finance office. We know this is exciting, so we’ll cut to the chase — keep scrolling to discover whether purchasing or leasing a new vehicle is right for you.

How Do Car Loans and Leases Differ?

Loan Lease
Path to Ownership
Upfront Costs Cash price or a down payment, taxes, registration, and other fees. First month’s payment, refundable security deposit, acquisition fee, down payment, taxes, registration, and other fees.
Lower Monthly Payments
Customization Allowed
Covered Under Warranty
Future Value All vehicles depreciate, but you’ll have equity when trading or selling. The future value doesn’t affect you.
Unlimited Mileage
Fees for Excessive Wear and Tear
Fees for Early Termination
End of Term You’ll have full equity to do what you want with the car. Purchase the vehicle, or buy or lease another car.
Vehicle Return Sell or trade. Return the vehicle at lease-end and pay any applicable fees.

Why Purchase a New Acura?

Buying a luxury vehicle unlocks ultimate freedom as a driver. This is because once the model is paid off, the vehicle is yours to do with as you please since you’ve built equity through monthly payments. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy your new ride without any additional fees or mileage limitations that normally come with leasing. Certain qualifying car repairs are more affordable, thanks to the limited vehicle warranty. Feel free to upgrade your audio system, add exterior accessories or purchase any other customizations that will make the model unique to you. If you’re ever ready to upgrade, you can either sell your Acura or trade the model in for one of our newer ones. Whenever you trade in your vehicle, this gives you the opportunity to lower the cost of your next purchase. While buying sounds like the clear option you should go with, you’ll want to keep in mind some of the cons that come with it as well. This includes higher monthly payments (depending on your credit and down payment amount) and expired warranties that will require you to take care of all repairs and service costs.

Why Lease a New Acura?

Leasing has become a popular option for many drivers lately for several reasons. Since new car prices continue to rise, leasing provides a more affordable option to buckle up in the elegant Acura you crave. Not only that, but when you lease one of our new models, you’ll get to enjoy it during the most trouble-free years of its life. This is due to the fact that lease terms typically are equal to or less than the length of the limited new vehicle warranty. Thanks to the Acura Loyalty Advantage, there are a plethora of other perks that come with driving one of our luxurious models. Don’t forget — there are also some cons to consider with leasing, which include mileage limitations, no leeway for customizations, and fees for wear and tear and early termination.

If you’re ready to be the proud owner or lessee of one of our new models, feel free to contact us or visit Gettel Acura at 4891 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34233. We look forward to serving customers near Bradenton, Clearwater and Tampa.

*Visit Consumer Reports’ page for more information on whether you should buy or lease.